Screenmates are fun characters which you can download for your computer, which run across your screen in response to your mouse.

Please download these at your own risk, they don’t contain viruses but haven’t all been tested for malfunctions.

They don’t need install, they just work by opening, so just click on their direct download and enjoy ~

* = In zip file, needs uncompressing after downloaded.




Download Link:  Electronic Sheep


Download Link: Electronic Kingfisher

Hello Kitty

Download Link: Hello Kitty Screenmate

White Neko

Download Link: Neko Screenmate

Silver Cat

Download Link: Silver Cat Screenmate


Download Link: Bad Badtz-Maru Screenmate

Orange Man*

Download Link: Orange Man Screenmate


Download Link: Pikachu Screenmate

Looney Tunes*

Download Link: Looney Tunes Screenmate


Download Link: MyFelix Screenmate

Felix has extras! Felix add ons can be used after Felix is already installed:

[ Felix Toy Box ] [ Felix Kitten ] [ Felix Mischief ] [ Felix Food ] [Felix More Mischief ]

Softstar’s Hunter Dog

Download Link: Hunter Screenmate



Download Link: Doraemon Screenmate

Fafa Cat*

Fafa Catfafa

Download Link: Fafa Cat Screenmate

Golden Retriever Puppy

Download Link:

Flintstones Dino

Download Link: Dino Screenmate

Multi Sp 


Download Link: Multi Sp Screenmate



Download Link: Sakra Screenmate

SoftStar’s Faty Dog

No Image Available, Bull dog in Bowler Hat.

Download Link: Faty Screenmate

Softstar’s Scr Dog

No Image Available, Skinny Dog in Borler Hat.

Download Link: Scr Screenmate


5 thoughts on “Screenmates

  1. everytime i try to open the orange program it says it is not compatible, any suggestion? I have tried many websites but it seems that no one works, i use windows 7

    • I’m sorry, but I’m only aware of these working on Windows XP? I can try to make a post on Windows 7 screenmates, but they aren’t as popular as they used to be – I’ll find what I can ! ~

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