Usage Policy

This blog is under construction, but when we are running we will provide kawaii resources of all types for you to collect.

If you wish to request any specific type of resource you need, or donate some cute resources, feel free to comment or contact ❤

Usage Policy and Disclaimer! PLEASE READ!

Please note that we do not make or own the majority of resources on this site (some of them we do). They are collected from free personal use web pages, although not all items we can clarify their original origin. Everything with a source mark will be double checked at the origin that it is for personal use unless we’re unable to find it.

Many images on this blog have no sourcing links, we are working to fix this – to ensure all images are fit to be on here. If you find an original source (makers name etc) to put by an item, please comment and it will be added asap. Please do not edit items ,use for business use (making any money!!) or claim as your own.

The items which we make ourselves we are happy for them to be used personally, collected, and even edited for personal use. Please still no business usage!

Personal use can include: blog posts; forum posts; profile decoration; collecting; decorating blogs; and anything of similar value.

Please add the sourcing name on your post when using, when provided.

If you wish any to be taken down, please contact us immediately with your reasons. Our contact details are in a tab attached at the top of the page under ‘Usage Policy’.


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